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Top 25 cool SMS ringtones

We have collected for you the top 25 wonderful SMS ringtones that will make the sound of incoming messages more original. Each ringtone can be played and downloaded in mp3 or m4p format.

1. Short SMS ringtone from Super Mario.

2. Whistling melody from Old Spice advertising.

3. A cool jingle from BMW advertising. An excellent SMS ringtone!

4. Powerful guitar riff. SMS melody for real men!

5. A pleasant melody, similar to a lullaby for kids. This SMS ringtone is suitable for girls.

6. Funny sound bursting bubble.

7. Coin Sound from Super Mario (Legendary game on the Dandy console)

8. The sound of a space button. Futurological SMS ringtone.

9. Ringtone for real losers! :-)

10. Samsung whistle SMS ringtone.

11. The sound is similar to the hammer blows on a xylophone. Classic SMS ringtone.

12. Space SMS ringtone of the future!

13. A pleasant voice pronounces the word "SMS".

14. The sound of an automobile engine. Original SMS ringtone for car enthusiasts.

15. "Uh-oh".

16. Homer Simpson's exclamation. Funny SMS ringtone.

17. SMS ringtone with the sound of a computer keyboard.

18. SMS ringtone as in Facebook.

19. The sound of a prison call, which is heard before the door opens.

20. Triple computer sound with an ascending tone. Hell, I do not know how to describe it...

21. A pleasant female voice informs you about the incoming message.

22. Homer Simpson thinks about beer.

23. Homer Simpson angry.

24. SMS ringtone from Blackberry.

25. Another sound from Blackberry.