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Top 15 best retro ringtones

Top 15 free retro ringtones that you can listen to and download. Ringtones are available in two fonts: mp3 and m4r. The selection includes old jazz compositions, as well as French chanson and soul.

1. Hey Mambo - coolest ringtone from Dean Martin for all retro lovers.

2. Another immortal song of Dean Martin.

3. The third jazz ringtone from Dean Martin.

4. Smooth jazz ringtone from the legendary Louis Armstrong.

5. The famous melody that Armstrong played on his trumpet.

6. Go Down Moses. No comments :)

7. What A Wonderful World - best ringtone by Louis Armstrong.

8. The immortal composition of Ray Charles is one of the most popular ringtones on our site!

9. Love and romantic ringtone performed by Elvis Presley.

10. A declaration of love from the King. Set this ringtone to your phone call from the woman he loves!

11. Classic of Frank Sinatra.

12. Christmas Ringtone.

13. Rhythmic and dynamic jazz ringtone performed by Glen Miller's orchestra!

14. Retro ringtone in the style of French chanson from inimitable Edith Piaf.

15. And let the surrounding never forget that it is a man's world! :)