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Top 10 funny ringtones for your smartphone

We picked up for you the top 10 funny ringtones that will make the familiar sounds of your smartphone more original and interesting.

1. The famous screaming cowboy (or screaming man) by Kirin J Callinan

2. The legendary musical theme from the game Super Mario from the 90's (Dandy game console)

3. The famous musical theme from the British comedy series "The Benny Hill Show"

4. A funny sound from Homer Simpson. Perfectly suitable for SMS ringtone.

5. Another sound from Homer: indignation.

6. Song about the penis by Mickey Avalon :)

7. Funny song of a green bear

8. Wiggle with ringtones by Snoop Dogg

9. Crazy Frog

10. - "You're A Fucking Idiot Vine"